2018-12: Our Approach

We have an ambitious goal to engage all New Zealanders in a way that inspires them to take action to protect our land-based and freshwater ecosystems.

This means we’re committed to generating an increasing number of opportunities for community involvement in the work we’re facilitating – we can only tackle Aotearoa New Zealand’s biggest environmental problems by all working together.

Using an innovation system approach, we’re bringing together science teams, citizens, knowledge-holders, industry, communities, NGOs and agencies – ultimately overcoming institutional barriers to achieve large, national-scale goals.

From 2019, as we move into our second five-year phase, our outreach activities will be targeted at public engagement through mainstream and social media, and through capability building specifically aimed at rangatahi (youth) to inspire them to connect with science and research.

We will also continue with our Flagship Site approach to raise the profile of science and research in areas where diverse communities are implementing on-ground restoration to protect biological heritage.

All opportunities will be profiled on this website so please check back for updates, sign up to our eNewsletter at the base of this page to receive the most up-to-date information, or click here to find other ways to connect.

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