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Wilding conifers

New BioHeritage project: A horizon scan for weeds in Aotearoa

Controlling invasive species is an important part of biodiversity and conservation work here in Aotearoa New Zealand. While our focus in the past has been on invasive mammals and invertebrates, BioHeritage is funding a new project that will give researchers a head start on future weed invasions.

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Sara Belcher

What’s good for Dr Sara Belcher is good for everyone

Dr Sara Belcher (Te Arawa) has recently been offered a tenured position at Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington. With tenure, she now has avenues for making the Environmental State Assessment Tool (ESAT)—which she developed during her PhD—into an open-source tool available for all.

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Izzy taking photos

Ngā Pī Ka Rere spotlight: Izzy Busby, fascinated by citizen science

Izzy Busby is passionate about science accessibility. She is harnessing her passion in a new role as research fellow for Novel Tools and Strategies – Supporting PF2050. In this role, she will be developing a software tool to help communities make decisions about invasive mammalian predator control.

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Maddie Marshall

Maddie Marshall, plant trade network modeller

A big part of our biosecurity system is being prepared – something Maddie Marshall knows all about from her PhD research.

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Better Border Biosecurity (B3) Updates

The recent Better Border Biosecurity (B3) conference was a chance for the community, including New Zealand’s Biological Heritage members, to gather in person for what was likely the first Trans-Tasman conference in New Zealand since the COVID pandemic.

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Collating international pest data to protect Aotearoa’s biodiversity

Data from around the world will help to protect Aotearoa’s borders from further invasions.

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Better Border Biosecurity (B3) research collaboration – October updates

B3 discuss their recent Science Partnership Forum, highlighting the value of the biosecurity community coming together to share updates, ideas and research.

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In response to invasive aquatic weeds, should freshwater mussels go with the flow?

PhD student Tom Moore discusses his research on the impacts of invasive aquatic weeds on kākahi (freshwater mussels).

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The potential of CRISPR as a tool for controlling invasive wasps

Professor Phil Lester and his team of researchers have recently published a report on the potential for a CRISPR gene drive to be used as a method of pest control for invasive wasps.

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Better Border Biosecurity (B3) research collaboration – July updates

Six new plant border biosecurity projects have started in July 2020, adding to an already extensive suite of work currently…

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