Kaupapa Māori

Research focussed on uplifting Te Ao Māori, led by Māori researchers.

Stopping Kauri Dieback in its Tracks

Selected native plant extracts may be able to attract and kill the spores of Phytophthora agathidicida – the pathogen causing kauri dieback, according to researchers.
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Adaptive Governance and Policy

This investment tackles the ways in which governance and policy need to change to better protect te taiao (the environment).
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Biologicalheritage Newzealand Predatorfree2050

Supporting a Predator Free 2050

Novel tools, technologies and strategies need to be deployed to eradicate biotic threats.
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Predicting and Preventing Ecosystem Decline

Researchers are developing a framework to help predict and prevent the approach of rapid, harmful and difficult-to-reverse changes in ecosystems.
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Mātauranga Māori For Biological Heritage

Kaumātua- (elder) led research that puts Māori methods and mātauranga (knowledge) first is a key part of restoring Aotearoa New Zealand’s land and freshwater ecosystems.
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Te Whakahononga

In an unprecedented effort to save some of the most immense lifeforms on the planet, the Te Whakahononga programme is fostering a multi-disciplinary collaboration which…
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Managing Threats to Freshwater Taonga Invertebrates

Management of non-native fish such as catfish may be the answer to safeguarding freshwater taonga (treasured) species in our waterways, researchers have found.
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He Mātai Rangi And Komene With Matamoe

He Mātai i te Taiao

The perpetual examination of the environment
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Novel tools, technologies and strategies need to be deployed to eradicate biotic threats.
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Customary Approaches to Ecosystem Resilience

Researchers are investigating how the application of kaitiakitanga (Māori guardianship) approaches contribute to reversing the decline of New Zealand’s biodiversity, and support the relationship of…
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Oranga – Wellbeing

Te mauri o te rakau, te mauri o te ngahere, te mauri o te tangata: Mātauranga Māori based solutions for kauri dieback and myrtle rust.
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Whakawātea Riha Rāwaho

Māori solutions to biosecurity threats may be the key to combating the serious fungal disease myrtle rust.
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