Empowering Communities

How do we best enable local communities to protect their whenua?

Mātauranga Māori For Biological Heritage

Kaumātua- (elder) led research that puts Māori methods and mātauranga (knowledge) first is a key part of restoring Aotearoa New Zealand’s land and freshwater ecosystems.
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Mobilising for Action

Focusing on the human dimensions of forest health management, specifically kauri dieback and myrtle rust.   The inventory of research outputs and resources can be…
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For May Qr Mataura Falls Web Size

Freshwater for our Taonga

Te Tiriti-led research looking at how we can enable our freshwater taonga to thrive.   The inventory of research outputs and resources can be found…
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Mobile Apps to Keep New Zealand Safe

Mobile technologies are being developed to help New Zealanders report suspected biosecurity threats, with the first step being a bilingual app that helps identify myrtle…
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Meandering River

Empowering Kaitiakitanga & Environmental Stewardship

We’re striving to empower New Zealanders to demand and enact environmental stewardship and kaitiakitanga (guardianship).   The inventory of research outputs and resources can be…
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Bioheritage Researchers Catherine Febria And Elizabeth Graham Sample A Degraded Waterway In Lowland Canterbury

Rebuilding Healthy Rivers

Researchers are using freshwater systems as a model to test how degraded ecosystems can be resistant to disruptions – including those that aim to restore…
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He Mātai Rangi And Komene With Matamoe

He Mātai i te Taiao

The perpetual examination of the environment
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Tiaki mō Kauri: Citizens Combating Kauri Dieback

A community-led social science programme is bringing together researchers, communities and mana whenua to help save Aotearoa New Zealand’s iconic kauri tree.
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Integrated Surveillance

A hapū-centric surveillance framework that focuses on the holistic health of the forest.   The inventory of research outputs and resources can be found here:…
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Farming & Nature Conservation

Sheep and beef farms make up nearly 40% of Aotearoa’s landscape and play a vital role in our economy. At the same time, this land…
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Pathways to Ecosystem Regeneration

Our teams are aiming to quantify social-ecological linkages for use in managing, protecting and restoring land and water ecosystems.   The inventory of research outputs…
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Adaptive Evolution of Native Biota

Researchers are collecting DNA information from some of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most threatened species in an effort to make them more resilient to future environmental…
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Oranga – Wellbeing

Te mauri o te rakau, te mauri o te ngahere, te mauri o te tangata: Mātauranga Māori based solutions for kauri dieback and myrtle rust.  …
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Molecules and atoms 3D structure

Molecular Technologies

Exploring future pathways for protecting our taonga   The inventory of research outputs and resources can be found here: Molecular Technologies
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Public Perceptions of New Pest Control Methods

One of the nation’s largest surveys on public attitudes toward new pest control technologies has shown that most New Zealanders support the need for pest…
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Te Whakahononga

In an unprecedented effort to save some of the most immense lifeforms on the planet, the Te Whakahononga programme is fostering a multi-disciplinary collaboration which…
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