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Ngāti Kuri’s conservation vision in the Far North boosted by involvement in Ngā Rākau Taketake

Far North Iwi Ngāti Kuri is on a mission to save two of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most endangered tree species from extinction.

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Kakī anau cignets

Strengthening customary harvest rights could provide finely-tuned care in sustaining important wetland species, study finds

A recently published paper has provided evidence and framework to support reform in wildlife management regulations surrounding the customary harvest of swan eggs at Te Waihora (Lake Ellesmere).

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Sara Belcher

What’s good for Dr Sara Belcher is good for everyone

Dr Sara Belcher (Te Arawa) has recently been offered a tenured position at Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington. With tenure, she now has avenues for making the Environmental State Assessment Tool (ESAT)—which she developed during her PhD—into an open-source tool available for all.

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Pūniu River Care team

Pūniu River Care: Investing in kaupapa Māori governance creates benefits for community and culture

A recent study into Pūniu River Care Inc. found that there is “an urgent need for kaupapa Māori led and designed organisations” such as PRC within environmental management in Aotearoa to have “longer term impact”.

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Nathan M

Ngā Pī Ka Rere spotlight: Nathan Matamua, connecting environment with Māori astronomy

We welcome Nathan Matamua, a Master’s student at Massey University, to Empowering Kaitiakitanga & Environmental Stewardship (SO2). He will be investigating alternative ways of expressing and caring for water resources using the stars as a guide.

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An awa for a signpost: BioHeritage welcomes Waimirirangi Ormsby

Waimirirangi Ormsby (Waikato, Ngātiwai) is our newly appointed Kaiārahi (Knowledge Broker Māori). Waimirirangi met with BioHeritage writer Kerry Donovan Brown to share her vision for her Kaiārahi role. In doing so she reflected on the ways she is shaped by her connection with Aotearoa, and the Aotearoa she’s helping shape for her descendants.

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Te Wānanga Whakamātaki

Te Whakahononga presents alongside an incredible line-up at Te Wānanga Whakamātaki

Ngā Rākau Taketake (NRT) Māori co-leads took the stage to talk about Te Whakahononga – a unique approach to engagement – at Te Wānanga Whakamātaki in late July.

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Pest trap

Māori views on pest control: the what, the why, and possible ways forward

In a first-of-its-kind study, Māori respondents show a willingness to engage in novel pest control technologies in order to preserve the interplay between local cultural identity and the distinct ecosystems of Aotearoa.

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The ripple effect of great research

The BioHeritage Challenge aims to not just create impact while the projects are running, but to catalyse new collaborations far beyond the lifetime of the original programmes.

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Empowering Indigenous voices

A new paper has been published looking into how we can preserve local Māori terms for species which are in decline. 

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