Rebecca V. Gladstone Gallagher

A research paper co-funded by BioHeritage and Sustainable Seas National Science Challenges has won lead author Rebecca Gladstone-Gallagher (University of Auckland) the title of National Champion for the Frontier Planet Prize. Congratulations to Rebecca and the research team!

Jason Tylianakis (co-lead of the Crazy & Ambitious ThinkTank and lead of Tranche 1 Predicting and Preventing Ecosystem Decline) and Helen Warburton (co-lead for Freshwater for our Taonga and Ngā Pī Ka Rere) are two of the co-authors on the winning paper, which connects key actions across research, policy and management of environmental issues in land, water and seas. These actions are designed to stop ecosystems from collapsing.  

Groupphoto Gladstone Gallagher
Rebecca Gladstone-Gallagher (third from right), Jason Tylianakis (far right) and Helen Warburton (third from left) and the research team at a workshop in 2019 in Leigh, New Zealand.

The research paper is one of 23 worldwide that have made it through to the final round of the Frontier Planet Prize. Three International Champions will be announced on June 26 during the Villars Symposium in Switzerland. The host institution of each International Champion will be awarded one million Swiss francs ($1.8m NZD) to support further research.  

This is the second time the Frontiers Planet Prize has been awarded. The prize was developed by the Frontiers Research Foundation to directly address the planetary crisis. It does this by acknowledging and funding scientists to conduct research that provides the greatest potential of stabilising the planet’s ecosystems. 

Congratulations to Rebecca, Jason, Helen, and the rest of the team involved in this ground-breaking research. You can read their research paper here and learn more about the Frontier Planet Prize here. Rebecca also wrote a blog post about the inception of the research paper, which you can read on the Frontiers Planet Prize blog here.  

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