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The National Science Challenges are ending on 30 June after 10 years of crazy and ambitious research. You may be wondering… what does this mean for yet-to-be-completed BioHeritage mahi? What happens to the BioHeritage website, social media pages, newsletter, and the data repository? The answers to your questions are here.

Complete/incomplete work

Much of the work funded and supported by BioHeritage is now complete. However, there are still some students who will continue to be funded through to the end of the year and many publications have been prepared and submitted that will only be published in the months to come. Any outputs that are generated after 30 June will find homes on the BioHeritage Data Repository.

BioHeritage Data Repository

The BioHeritage Data Repository is operated by Manaaki Whenua—Landcare Research. As such, this repository will be a long-term home for our outputs. It will be updated periodically as publications are released and additional reports are made available. So if you find yourself looking for a research brief, a report, or a paper past the end of June, look to the repository as the most up-to-date catalogue of outputs.

Newsletter and social media

We have one final newsletter that we will be sharing in June. Our social media pages will either be deleted (we’re looking at you X/Twitter) or “frozen” (commenting and messaging will be turned off but content will still be available) by 27 June. We encourage you to continue to follow along with biodiversity, conservation, mātauranga Māori, social science, biosecurity and pest control research through the many groups and profiles we’ve engaged with over the years. They will carry this fine work into the future.


Our website will continue to be hosted through to September 2027. However, besides minor changes, it will be kept in a static state from September 1st 2024. So if you are looking for updates on outputs or resources, please look to the BioHeritage Data Repository

Our newsletter articles, and all other content housed on the website, will disappear come September 2027. If you are a partner organisation mentioned in one of our articles and are interested in hosting any of this material on your site for the long term, please let us know. 

Any question?

Please direct any questions to – this email continues to be checked through to 31 August.

Jenny Leonard

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