As BioHeritage draws to a close, many of its talented Early Careers are looking for new opportunities in research and consulting. They have just wrapped up innovative projects on key biodiversity and biosecurity challenges for Aotearoa and are keen to apply their knowledge and skills. So if you are looking for a new colleague or collaborator for your next project, be sure to reach out to them!

Here are some details on a few of our rising stars, and the types of opportunities they are seeking and where they are hoping to work:


Ally Palmer, social scientist (Auckland)

Ally is a social scientist who studies conservation and human-animal relationships. Most recently, she’s been looking at social challenges for PF2050.

She specialises in qualitative research, but also does some quantitative work (e.g., designing surveys). Ally is interested in working on research and policy in the human-animal area.


Miria Goodwin, social science researcher (Christchurch/remote)

As a researcher, environmental policy analyst and facilitator, Miria enjoys investigating people’s relationships with the environment and with tangata whenua, local communities and government. Her experience in social science and local government policy enables her to bring a unique perspective to both theoretical and practical research. Miria is interested in consulting and project work.


Miria Bio Pic 1
Trupti Mohini

Trupti Mohini, microbiologist / environmental scientist (Auckland/remote)

Trupti has a Master’s degree in microbiology and has just completed her MPhil on the physicochemical characterisation of soil from kauri forests where the pathogen Phytophthora agathidicida is present. She has experience handling pathogenic samples, laboratory equipment, statistical analysis, and writing and presenting reports. Trupti would be interested in research involving environmental samples, especially related to microbiology.


Paul Benden, data scientist / AI researcher (Christchurch/remote)

Paul is seeking opportunities in AI or machine learning consulting. With previous experience developing computer models to detect biosecurity threats, he is interested in opportunities to evaluate existing AI/ML models or train new models. This could include large language models and computer vision models, as well as traditional machine learning models.


Paul B Bio Pic 1
Rose Mcgruddy 1

Rose McGruddy, ecological entomologist (Auckland/remote)

Rose is passionate about entomology and environmental sustainability and is seeking roles in scientific research or education. She completed a PhD on RNA interference for pest control at Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington and has extensive experience in conducting field and lab trials, teaching biological principles and engaging with diverse audiences to promote sustainable solutions.


Julie-Anne Whitburn, social-ecological researcher (Wellington/remote)

Julie-Anne would love to undertake further postdoctoral research or find employment as a social-ecological researcher in Wellington. She has just completed a postdoctoral position based at Zealandia Te Māra a Tāne. Julie-Anne’s expertise lies in applying insights from social and behavioural sciences to understand and find solutions for social-ecological challenges.


Julie Anne 1
Haileigh Photo

Haileigh Patterson, plant pathologist (Auckland)

Haileigh has just finished her Master’s thesis and is seeking a research assistant role or other graduate positions that would allow her to learn and challenge herself. She is particularly interested in plant pathology and has worked with both bacterial and oomycete pathogens.


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