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Incursion response in New Zealand

October 2016

Publication: Detecting and Responding to Alien Plant Incursions
Author(s): Hulme, PE.

Ecologists, land managers and policymakers continue to search for the most effective ways to manage biological invasions. An emerging lesson is that proactive management can limit negative impacts, reduce risks and save money. This book explores how to detect and respond to alien plant incursions, summarising the most current literature, providing practical recommendations and reviewing the conditions and processes necessary to achieve prevention, eradication and containment. Chapter topics include assessing invasiveness and the impact of alien plants, how to improve surveillance efforts, how to make timely management decisions, and how legislation and strategic planning can support management. Each chapter includes text boxes written by international experts that discuss topical issues such as spatial predictive modelling, costing invasions, biosecurity, biofuels, and dealing with conflict species.


The introduction of Detecting and Responding to Alien Plant Incursions includes Box 1.1: Incursion response in New Zealand authored by PE. Hulme., which can be found in more detail here: https://assets.cambridge.org/97811070/95601/excerpt/9781107095601_excerpt.pdf

In: Detecting and Responding to Alien Plant Incursions
Authors: Wislon JR, Panetta FD, Lindgren C.
Other contributors: Philip E. Hulme, Montserrat Vilà, Rudolf P. Rohr, José L. Espinar, Jan Pergl, Johannes J. Le Roux, Urs Schaffner, Petr Pyšek, Jane Elith, Rieks D. van Klinken, Justine V. Murray, Cindy E. Hauser, Joslin L. Moore, Mark R. Gardener, Oscar Cacho, Dana M. Bergstrom, Justine D. Shaw, Lauren D. Quinn, Curtis C. Daehler, Brian W. van Wilgen, Richard H. Shaw, Al Tasker, Sarah Brunel, Randy Westbrooks, Steven Manning, Elizabete Marchante, Hélia Marchante

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