Impact Pou
Members of the Pou, from left: Duane Peltzer, Symon Palmer, Maureen O'Callaghan, Aisling Rayne, Helen Warburton, Zoe Hamilton, Catherine Febria. Absent: Kerri-Anne Edge and Susanna Finlay-Smits

Our Science Excellence and Impact Pou team, tasked with demonstrating the value and impact of BioHeritage, will be ready to share some early quantitative insights and results with Challenge teams this September. In the same month, they aim to garner personal experiences and reflections of Challenge participants on what it has been like to work within a ‘mission-led’, ‘values-based’ approach to science that spans multiple knowledge systems.

The Re-Evaluating Impact research team that sits within this pou has been tasked with quantifying the effect of BioHeritage’s approach on traditional science metrics, such as publications, and identifying other (new) metrics that may better describe science excellence and impact.

Researchers are pulling information from the Challenge’s extensive publication and reporting database, including the diversity of outputs (e.g., peer-reviewed manuscripts, newsletters, science-art collaborations and outreach), and examining factors that may differ between Challenge and non-Challenge outputs in the fields of biodiversity and biosecurity.  The team are also looking at how key features of the BioHeritage Challenge, such as flexible contracting, team diversity, and framing within the innovation pathway, may influence Challenge outputs.

To complement their quantitative assessment, semi-structured interviews will be undertaken with Challenge researchers, leadership, and support team members in September. The team aims to interview between twenty and thirty Challenge participants to understand people’s experiences in BioHeritage better and ultimately provide important insights for future research about Aotearoa New Zealand’s biodiversity and biosecurity.

Kerri-Anne Edge

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