Scoping Infographic-Draft-V2

From December 2018 – December 2019 the BioHeritage team embarked on a journey to do science differently.

With a commitment to being values lead and inclusive, our scoping process for developing Tranche 2 investments has focused on:

  • Bringing in people whose values align with ours.
  • Moving from a competitive focus to one of collaboration, consequently ensuring we reach out to previously isolated or excluded research and or community groups.
  • Elevating the prominence of mātauranga Māori.

This allowed us to bring together people from all walks of life to design our new investments. This is what it looked like . . .

The end result was nine research scoping reports (available on Our Way of Working and Ngā Rākau Taketake) that identified gaps in the current system and how best to fill them. These will guide our research over the next four years and collectively aim to increase the amount of impact we have on the ground.

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