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BioHeritage is supported and managed by a team of people dedicated to creating real solutions that protect Aotearoa New Zealand’s biological heritage. We facilitate research and related activities in the most holistic and effective way, in order to create transformational change.

The BioHeritage team is made up of people from universities, other research institutes, government organisations, iwi/hapū/whānau, industry and local communities.

Challenge Leaders

Our captains at the helm, our leaders guide everyday activities within BioHeritage.

Mana Rangatira

In 2019 our Governance Group and Kāhui Māori joined forces to become Mana Rangatira. They provide the big-picture strategic direction for BioHeritage.


Our Director and Kaihautū Ngātahi are the driving forces behind our work.

Executive Leadership Group

Our ELG guide and assist the Challenge investments on a day-to-day basis.

Support Team

The engine room of BioHeritage, not much would get done without our Support Team.

Contract Management and Communications

The engine room of BioHeritage, not much would get done without our Management Team.

Knowledge Brokers

‘The social ones’ – our Knowledge Brokers are responsible for keeping people connected both among Challenge researchers and with our stakeholders.

Challenge Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors aren’t involved with BioHeritage on a regular basis, but they’re out there championing our cause and helping us achieve our mission.

Ngā Pī Ka Rere

The future of our science system, and our country, depends on those who come after us. That’s why BioHeritage is investing in the next generation. Ngā Pī Ka Rere early careers network was established in 2019 to ensure our early career professionals have all the support they need to flourish in their chosen careers.

International Science Advisory Panel

Our ISAP keep us in touch with what’s happening at a global scale, review our science and connect our teams with others doing similar work overseas.

Mariella Marzano

Forest Research, Scotland
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Catherine Febria

Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research, University of Windsor, Canada
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Norman Dandy

Sir William Roberts Centre for Sustainable land Use, Bangor University, UK
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Professor Rob Ewers

Imperial College, London
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Joshua Viers

UC Merced
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Andrew Young

National Research Collections, Australia
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Phillip Cassey

Invasion Ecology Group, University of Adelaide, Australia
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Professor Richard Duncan

University of Canberra, Australia
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