Kauri Ora and Myrtle Ora community meetings – invaluable places to connect

The Kauri Ora and Myrtle Ora community meetings are hui ā-ipurangi (virtual meetings) open to the public, where regional councils, researchers and communities give updates on operations and on the science on these two pathogens. Resources are shared, questions are posed, and connections are made all across Aotearoa. For the September hui, the Kauri Ora platform uplifted a special exhibition showcasing the knowledge and artistry of some of our youngest environmental kaitiaki (guardians).  

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Merino lambs

The New Zealand Merino Company signs on to partner with Eco-index

The New Zealand Merino Company (NZM) is teaming up with the Eco-index programme to develop remote-sensing technology for quantifying native biodiversity on sheep farms.

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Izzy taking photos

Ngā Pī Ka Rere spotlight: Izzy Busby, fascinated by citizen science

Izzy Busby is passionate about science accessibility. She is harnessing her passion in a new role as research fellow for Novel Tools and Strategies – Supporting PF2050. In this role, she will be developing a software tool to help communities make decisions about invasive mammalian predator control.

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Myrtle rust

Stepping up: Cecilia Arienti-Latham joins Waitangi Wood to co-lead Integrated Surveillance

Time for a swap within Theme 4! With former co-lead Dr Dean Anderson moving into research for Integrated Surveillance, researcher, Cecilia Arienti-Latham, will be joining Waitangi Wood in the co-leadership role. Cecilia gives us insight into her experience working on the theme.

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Ngā Pī Ka Rere spotlight: Susanna Finlay-Smits, bringing anthropology to biosecurity

Susanna Finlay-Smits is a social scientist at AgResearch who works across numerous BioHeritage programmes. She brings a unique perspective and background to all of her mahi.

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Robbie Maris

Ngā Pī Ka Rere spotlight: Robbie Maris, promoting freshwater biodiversity

BioHeritage welcomes a new Master’s student, Robbie Maris, to Strategic Objective 2: Empowering Kaitiakitanga & Environmental Stewardship. Robbie will be working to empower individuals to participate in activities that promote urban freshwater biodiversity.

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Kauri tree - Tāne Mahuta

Kauri dieback National Pest Management Plan update

On 2 August, the National Pest Management Plan for the protection of kauri (NPMP) came into force. The NPMP establishes clear objectives and a consistent approach for managing the risk of Phytophthora agathidicida across Aotearoa.

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Waitomo Cave Anna Stewart

Lightless, not lifeless: Cave biodiversity and protection in Aotearoa

Accoladed scientist and author Jared Diamond has said that the closest human beings have come to visiting an alien planet was when Moananui explorers first landed their waka on the shores of Aotearoa. If our ecosystems are unique enough to warrant comparison with extra-terrestrial life, then life in our remote caves must be even more alien. BioHeritage spoke to Anna Stewart, research and conservation coordinator at The New Zealand Speleology Society, about these lightless worlds and how to protect them.

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Find a pest logo

Traveling again? Be vigilant and use Find-A-Pest

Our borders are open again, and New Zealander’s and tourists are now able to come and go freely. But with freedom comes responsibility: we must all do our part in preventing unwanted organisms and pests from entering the country in luggage and parcels. Find-A-Pest can help.

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Te Wānanga Whakamātaki

Te Whakahononga presents alongside an incredible line-up at Te Wānanga Whakamātaki

Ngā Rākau Taketake (NRT) Māori co-leads took the stage to talk about Te Whakahononga – a unique approach to engagement – at Te Wānanga Whakamātaki in late July.

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