The climate crisis is also a biodiversity crisis

Like many of us, the summer break has seen me transfixed with horror at the scale and magnitude of the bushfire crisis in Australia. 

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Genetic and genomic technologies

Our current position is that gene drives and/or other GE technologies will potentially be useful for the eradication of pests…

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State of biodiversity in NZ

BioHeritage Director Dr Andrea Byrom responds to the NZ Herald about the state of our environment.

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Predator eradication: range of options essential

Effective predator control needs new technologies and tools, so science investment is essential, Says Dr James Buwalda.

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Why New Zealand needs alternatives to 1080

1080 is safe to use, but we need a range of alternatives, says BioHeritage Director Dr Andrea Byrom.

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Kauri dieback – act now or it will be too late

Kauri are too important to lose, and if we don’t act now it will be too late. Dr Monica Gerth

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