Kakī anau cignets

Strengthening customary harvest rights could provide finely-tuned care in sustaining important wetland species, study finds

A recently published paper has provided evidence and framework to support reform in wildlife management regulations surrounding the customary harvest of swan eggs at Te Waihora (Lake Ellesmere).

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The team in Lisbon

Myrtle rust researchers return to the international conference scene

After our lengthy isolation due to COVID, our researchers have finally been able to travel overseas to connect with their international colleagues. Many plant diseases, such as myrtle rust, are being studied by research teams all around the world, so in-person hui can help us overcome roadblocks and catalyse progress.

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Tea bags

Master’s student brings Tea Bag Index method to kauri forests

Siqi Yang, a Master’s student with the Risk Assessment & Ecosystem Impacts team, used a new-to-kauri-forests method of measuring decomposition rates in soil: the Tea Bag Index method.

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Sara Belcher

What’s good for Dr Sara Belcher is good for everyone

Dr Sara Belcher (Te Arawa) has recently been offered a tenured position at Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington. With tenure, she now has avenues for making the Environmental State Assessment Tool (ESAT)—which she developed during her PhD—into an open-source tool available for all.

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David Garcia-Callejas

The science of cascades: understanding impact propagation to enhance conservation efforts

How do disturbances in our ecosystems spread and cascade across landscapes? David Garcia-Callejas is an ecologist working at the University of Canterbury with our Crazy & Ambitious Think Tank – and puzzles like this are his speciality.

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FNC co-leads

Farming & Nature Conservation attracts over $2.7 million in co-funding

A Tranche 1 BioHeritage project has attracted over $2.7 million in funding for its spin-off programmes – the AUT Living Laboratories Programme and the Farming with Native Biodiversity pilot.

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Pūniu River Care team

Pūniu River Care: Investing in kaupapa Māori governance creates benefits for community and culture

A recent study into Pūniu River Care Inc. found that there is “an urgent need for kaupapa Māori led and designed organisations” such as PRC within environmental management in Aotearoa to have “longer term impact”.

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Nathan M

Ngā Pī Ka Rere spotlight: Nathan Matamua, connecting environment with Māori astronomy

We welcome Nathan Matamua, a Master’s student at Massey University, to Empowering Kaitiakitanga & Environmental Stewardship (SO2). He will be investigating alternative ways of expressing and caring for water resources using the stars as a guide.

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Karla Carey

Ngā Pī Ka Rere spotlight: Karla Carey, interrogating the use of kaitiakitanga in policy

Karla Carey has arrived in environmental stewardship through growing her passion for psychology and her interest in her Māori culture. We welcome Karla, a Master’s student at Massey University, to the Empowering Kaitiakitanga & Environmental Stewardship team.

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The Eco-index team

Eco-index the first in New Zealand to gain international Digital Public Good certification

The Eco-index Biodiversity Dashboards have successfully qualified as a Digital Public Good with the international Digital Public Goods Alliance – the first to do so from Aotearoa New Zealand. This is an outstanding achievement and a win for open-source collaboration in international conservation.

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